How to Make Slime – Simple Slime Recipe

See how to make slime at! This recipe for slime is the one that I perfected after many batches and a whole bunch of glue. There are so many different recipes for slime, but I still make this slime recipe all the time. It’s also the one I use when I show my friends how to make slime.

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So here’s how to make my Simple Slime Recipe. This is an easy slime recipe because it uses the minimum number of ingredients, and you probably have them already in your house. I recommend you start with this one to get the hang of how to make slime, and then try other slime recipes when you’re ready to step up your slime game.

(Note that the Simple Slime Recipe does not need borax, so use this link if you want know how to make slime with borax).

Here are the 3 ingredients you need for the Simple Slime Recipe:

  • White Glue – Any glue like Elmer’s works fine. I get the big gallon size these days, but a 4 oz bottle is plenty for your first batch of homemade slime.
  • Contact Lens Solution or Eye Drops – Any contact lens solution works fine, so just buy whatever is the cheapest. Eye drops (like Visine) work fine, but cost way more than contact lens solution so if you’re buying supplies just for slime, then buy contact lens solution instead of eye drops!Making slime gets messy – that’s part of the fun! But don’t use the bottle of contact lens solution or eye drops for anything eye-related once you’ve started using it for slime…it’s not worth the risk of contaminating anyone’s eyes after you’ve used a bottle to make slime.
  • Baking Soda – That’s baking soda…don’t confuse it with baking powder!

You’ll also need a small bowl to mix it in, and a disposable spoon to do the mixing.


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You’re not going to want to use your mixing bowl to eat with ever again, so don’t use your favorite cereal bowl. Also, don’t use a paper bowl – you need something that can get wet. I use old plastic bowls or disposable plastic bowls, or empty plastic jars. I also like to use plastic food containers like the kinds you get from take out restaurants.

Before you start, you need the right workspace to make your slime. I make my slime on a big table my family uses for art projects – I wouldn’t recommend making slime on a fancy dining room table. You’ll definitely end up spilling some of the ingredients as you go – and glue is sticky!! So put a plastic placemat or some old newspapers down before you start mixing your slime (especially if you are using food coloring to color your slime!)

Here’s the steps for how to make slime:

  1. Add Glue to your mixing bowl. The amount of Glue you use is about how much slime you will make. The other ingredients don’t add much volume to your slime. For your first batch, use about ½ cup. Measure it by eye so you don’t ruin a measuring cup!
  2. Add a tiny pinch of Baking Soda to the glue. Use your disposable spoon to mix the Baking Soda into the Glue.
  3. After the Glue and Baking Soda are mixed, add 1 Teaspoon of Contact Lens Solution to the bowl and continue to mix. Don’t put too much contact lens solution in the mix! This was the most common mistake I made when I started making slime, because once you add too much contact lens solution, it’s very hard to fix your slime (even if you try to add more glue).
  4. Start mixing!!! The amount of time it takes to mix the slime depends on how much you are making. Be patient! And don’t rush to add more contact lens solution until you’re sure you need it.
  5. After you’ve mixed it for a couple of minutes, now is when you need to decide if you need to add more contact lens solution. If the slime is still very thick and sticking to your spoon, then it may need more contact lens solution – but add it only a few drops at a time. Don’t squirt a whole bunch in because you’re in a hurry – I ruined plenty of slime doing this. So add a few drops, stir, and check your slime consistency.
  6. The slime will be ready for the next step when you can easily pull it away from the bowl without it sticking too much to your fingers or the bowl.
  7. Your slime is ready to knead! Empty slime on a clean, flat surface. You may want to use a plastic placemat if it’s your first time making homemade slime.
  8. Now that you have the slime out of the bowl, you’re ready for my favorite part of making slime. Hold the fresh slime in your hands and start kneading it with your fingers, and then stretching it out a little bit every so often to check the consistency.  The combination of kneading and stretching will help you know when it’s all done. The more you knead, the stiffer the slime gets. I usually stop kneading when the slime is still gooey, and only a tiny bit sticky. I love when it’s a little sticky because when it sticks to my fingers, for some reason it feels totally satisfying.
  9. Congratulations – now you know how to make slime!

I like my Simple Slime Recipe because it uses very few ingredients and – after you’ve made it a few times – you can do it without needing to measure everything precisely. It also has a really good feel to it – not too dry, not too sticky.

After you’re done enjoying your slime, you can store your slime in an airtight container or zip top bag. In the photo below, I’m using an old KFC corn container…when I opened up the slime the next day, the KFC logo was imprinted in the slime!

But for me, the most fun is making the slime (and making different types of slime). So if your batch of slime accidentally dries up, just make a new batch. 😀

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